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Google Plus comments on Blogger disrupts Disqus

From yesterday (today, for us in India), Google Plus has taken forward its integration with Blogger to a new level.  In the words of Yonatan Zunger of Google, “ starting today, you can bring Google+ comments to your Blogger blog.  Once you’ve enabled the feature through your Blogger Dashboard, you’ll enjoy a number of important benefits”.

Bringing together Google+ and Blogger with the integration of Google+ comments in Blogger is in one way a huge step.  But after trying it out there are some quirks.

But first, here is how to turn the Google+ comments on in your Blogger blog.  In the Google+ tab of the blog’s dashboard, marking the little checkbox “Use Google+ Comments on this blog”, enables it.

enable_google _comments_in_blogger

Fine till now. It is nice to see the comments made on Google+ appearing on your blog.  The comments can be filtered as per your circles.  The comments can be made shareable to public (everyone) or discreet (restricted).  That too is fine. 

Now the trouble starts.  Only the people who have a Google+ account can comment.  Even that is understandable as after all it is a Google+ comments integration with Blogger; it is natural that to comment on Google+, you need an account, just like in Disqus.  Where it goes down big time is there is no way for a non Google+ visitor to leave a comment - at all.  It means only Google+ users can comment on you blog.

The other major let down is the Google+ comment integration takes over the existing comment system - if you have any.  For e.g., I use Disqus commenting system to keep out the spam - whatever little I get.  But once I opted for the Google+ comment integration, the Disqus comment system just doesn’t work.

Even though the URL shows it as #disqus_thread, what shows up is only the Google+ comment box and not the Disqus comment box.

Not so good, unless you want to abandon Disqus.  I think it will be the same for other commenting systems too - like CommentLuv.

disqus_skrewed_by_google _comment_integration

Fortunately switching off the Google+ comment integration, brings back Disqus.
So, what do you say?  Would you prefer to ditch Disqus (or CommentLuv) and switch over exclusively to Google+?


  1. bunlar böle insanlar serefsiz bunlar varya web tasarım & firma rehberi

  2. Disqus all the way... I'm not comfortable with the idea of a Google monopoly, for some reason.

    Incidentally, you don't need a Disqus account in order to comment on a Disqus thread.... the platform allows for several other methods of signing in - FB, Twitter, etc. as well as anonymously - unless the user turns them off.

  3. Exactly what I think too - somehow I don't like putting all eggs into one G+ basket. :-D

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