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Google Panda update 25 will flag or flush

The much awaited (dreaded ??) Panda update is being pushed over this weekend from Friday, 15 Mar, to Monday, 18 Mar, as per reports coming out of the SMX West conference. Google’s last Panda refresh was on January 22 and affected 1.2% of English queries.

This Panda update, unofficially dubbed #25, is the second this year and will be the last to be announced or confirmed as a Panda revision by Google. 

Matt Cutts, head of (fighting) web-spam at Google had announced couple of days back at SMX West that the Panda algorithm will be integrated into Google’s continuous, on-going algorithm updates.

What it means is there may not be Panda surges and traffic crashes that every webmaster has learned to dread.  It does not mean there will not be any crashes or drop in traffic.  It merely means that fluctuations will be less severe and not in-the-face to webmasters and SEOs; rather the surge and drops will be more evened out over days instead of hitting you on one single day.

The Panda updates will be more real-time, as opposed to being manually pushed out once every four weeks or so.  It also gives the last chance for dumbo-bloggers like me to get an idea of whether Google likes our site or not.

If there isn’t any significant drop in the traffic come Tuesday, 19 Mar, bloggers can be rest assured that what is being done is not offensive to Google, even if it is not *well-liked* by their Panda algorithm - the site might not be top-of-the-charts, but Google does not think it as written crap.

Apart, does it mean anything else for simple bloggers?  Yes, there will be one less opportunity to write a meaningful post on a confusing subject and score points.


(image courtesy / Guy Edwards)

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