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Earth Hour stupidity today, I won’t switch off

The #Earth_Hour madness is back on today, Saturday, 23 March, people in more than 7000 cities including Chennai are expected to switch off lights between 08:30 and 09:30 p.m. to conserve energy and make a change. 

This crazy act has had its run for 6 years now, in cities worldwide and it is time to put a stop to it.

Let me make it very clear.  I am not a stupid climate skeptic who denies global warming and climate change.  Every argument of the Drill Baby Drill gang - from Its the Sun to Antarctica is gaining Ice has been disproven; instead of going into them here read the trashing of 174 denials with the correct scientific position at skepticalscience [] - great reading for Earth Hour.

I am also not one of those equally insane eco terrorists, who tremble at the thought of Nuclear energy or froth at the idea of eating beef or pork in the name of animal rights.

But there are several issues which cannot be explained logically or cohesively by this idea of Earth Hour.

The first problem is with the idea switching off the lights for one hour, but don’t insist on No mobiles, no TV, no fan, no air conditioner, no ovens, no PC and no internet. Switching off 2 tube lights and 2 fans of 50 Watts each while browsing the net on a PC consuming 350 Watts during Earth Hour doesn’t make sense, does it? 

Or leave the same tube lights and fans running during the nights when no one is at home or in the room!

The problem with this whole Earth Hour concept is it doesn’t promote better conservation habits, but falsely grant everyone an opportunity to feel good that they’ve done their part in saving Earth.  Like, “Charity?  I’ve paid my tithes!”

To cut the story short, it would make much more difference if people adopt more environmentally friendly life style.  Some examples which I’ve adopted are:
  • use of deodorant sticks (roll-ons) instead of sprays;
  • walk, not drive to any place which is within a kilometre;
  • especially not use bike to fetch milk or groceries;
  • sun-dry and use petals of flowers (from puja) as moss;
  • strictly avoid ironing all dresses which aren’t used for office / official occasions;
  • a half-litre water filled PET bottle in the toilet flush tanks to reduce consumption;
  • strainers in all drains to prevent clogging;
  • when it does clog, clean it with metal snake (or equivalent) instead of toilet cleaner;
  • avoid paper towels and napkins;
To reiterate, I will not switch off the lights just for Earth Hour tonight.  Will you?

Just take a look at this 60+ sign made of oil lamps or diyas during Earth Hour 2012 in India.  What is the sense in lighting 100 (looks like 1000 in their photo gallery []) lamps burning vegetable oil to promote switching off electric lights for an hour? 

It is like using the Riddikulus charm against a Boggart, only in reverse.  Create awareness by polluting more!


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