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A Moodle instead of Holi Google Doodle

Holi, the festival of Colour is here.  Originally celebrated as the ‘harvest festival’ or ‘spring festival’ in the Gangetic Plains and adjoining areas of India, it has acquired religious significance though marginal, with the myth of the burning of demon Holika.

Holi is the least religiously significant festival in the Hindu calendar but also the most exhilarating.  The bonfire, the colours, the water sprays, the bhang laced lassi and pakoras.  Holy Cow! I do miss those.

Holi is a good time to be in northern or western India to let down hair and have a blast.  Too bad my own Holi pictures at Delhi and Mumbai have been misplaced.  Though the Holi photos are missing the images and the joy are still crisp in memory.

Though Google put up a Doodle to celebrate Holi in 2010 and 2011 (and earlier in 2001), it has been missing since.  It takes away the thrill of finding a Google Doodle on the home page (and writing an article on it)! 

So what if there is no Google Doodle to celebrate Holi 2013?

I can always mash up a Moodle to spice up the festival - a Holi Moodle instead of the Holi Doodle.  This time around, I decided not to use any photos, images or pictures of Holi and instead stick to
Happy and Colourful Holi to everyone!


In case you’re curious here are the 2011, 2010 and 2001 original Google Doodles for Holi.


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