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Winners and the loser at Oscars 2013

If you though Jennifer Lawrence is the only winner and the only one to stumble at the Academy Awards 2013, you couldn’t be more wrong.

For last few weeks whenever Seth MacFarlane was on Star Movies gabbing that he is going to be the host for the Oscars 2013, my reaction was “WTF”.  And it proved to be true.

Daniel Day-Lewis
Before we go into that lamer, let us see the winners.  Daniel Day-Lewis creates history by winning the Best Actor award for his portrayal of Lincoln.  By winning it for the 3rd time, Daniel Day-Lewis becomes the first ever actor to do so.

The other 8 who’ve two Oscars each are - Marlon Brando, Gary Cooper, Tom Hanks, Dustin Hoffman, Fredric March, Jack Nicholson, Sean Penn and Spencer Tracy.  Watch out for innumerable articles extolling the acting of Daniel Day-Lewis and whether he is the best actor ever born!

Life of Pi
The Life of Pi was the most successful film of the Oscars 2013.  Made from a book that was considered ‘unflimable’, Direct Ang Lee managed to make a gem of a film.  The Life of Pi won Oscars for Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score and Best Visual Effects. 

Though I would have liked Life of Pi to have won the Best Original Song award - for Bombay Jayashree sung it - there you have the madrasi favouritism coming through, but that is not the way Hollywood or Academy Awards work.

Jennifer Lawrence
The best ‘actress’ (is that acceptable when used in the Oscars ?!?) award was collected by Jennifer Lawrence, not without a stumble, literally.  On her way to collect the Academy Award she stumbled on the stairs, probably couldn’t see where she was putting her foot due to the long train and the thick style swell of her Dior haute couture gown.  Well hope she notches up her ‘fee’ when it is time to sign up once more for the Miss Dior line.


George Clooney
George Clooney joins Warren Beatty as the only other guy (or gal) who has been nominated (nominated, not won) for best picture, direction, acting and screenwriting.  Of course, when you compare it with some of the Tamil movie persona, multi-tasking with only 4 aspects of film making is nothing.  They normally have dialogue, music, and playback at least.

Seth MacFarlane
The loser was none other than Seth MacFarlane.  All he could do well was about 20 minutes as host - the first 20 minutes that is.  The only quip that was memorable was the one about grumpy Tommy Lee Jones.
The rest of his attempted one liners were awkward, embarrassing and downright stupid, some even shameful.

Mel Gibson jokes in 2013 in the context of Django Unchained, mistaking Denzel Washington for Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, the swipe at the Academy itself on the director of Argo, and their selection of the host, or the one about Quvenzhane Wallis’ age and George Clooney.

I can’t decide which one was the most shameful: the zinger about Jean Dujardin and post-Oscar career or about Daniel Day-Lewis attempting to free Don Cheadle.

Here is the full list of the nominees and the winners at the Oscars 2013.

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