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What is new in Firefox 19

One more version of Mozilla Firefox, version 19 has been released yesterday.  For us in India, that would be today morning.  So what is new in Firefox 19.0 for Windows and Android?

For Windows users, the most significant development is the built-in PDF viewer.  Yes, just like Google Chrome, henceforth we will not require another piece of bloatware to read PDF files, instead we can open them and read inside Firefox 19.

The difference between Google Chrome and Firefox is the way they read the files.  While Google Chrome uses the proprietary Foxit Reader plugin to render PDF files, the developers at Mozilla have taken a different route.

Firefox 19 uses PDF.js, a JavaScript library to convert the PDF files into HTML5 pages for viewing.  It definitely is a better adaptation seeing the concern being expressed of late on the potential security risk of plugins themselves.

Another advantage of using JavaScript to convert into standard HTML5, it can run on various platforms - from PCs to Tablets to Smartphones.

Good job!


There are 3 bug fixes and improvements about which you can read at release notes:

Firefox 19 has also been released on Android, however I am unable to install it on my phone.  Even though the Mozilla claims Firefox 19 is compatible with Android 2.2+, I cannot install it on my Android 2.3.6 mobile.


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