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Valentine’s Day 2013 Google Doodle pokes Fox TV

Google’s informal motto is Don’t be evil, and being naughty is no evil.  If last year’s Valentine’s Day Google Doodle took a swipe at intelligent design and Armageddon, this year Google pokes fun at Fox TV.  If you don’t remember last year’s Valentine’s Day Google Doodle, read it here.

This year, Google has combined George Ferris’ 154th birthday with Valentine’s Day and have an animated, interactive Google Doodle, which tells the love-at-first-sight and first date of 16 animal characters in 10 different tales.

The Doodle is an amusement park with two Ferris wheels in the spotlight.  They are flanked by -
  • a Roller Coaster forming the G;
  • while the two Ferris Wheels themselves depict the two O’s;
  • a kart ride that makes up the second G;
  • the L is taken by a tower; and,
  • the E is a Merry-go-round.

There is a heart shaped button which when clicked, brings the rotating Ferris Wheel (or Giant Wheel as we call it in India) to a stop.  Two animals sitting in opposite seats come face to face with each other, fall in love and off they go on their first date.  What happens on their date comes next, in a comic strip fashion. 

Of the 10, four are complete washout:
  1. the tortoise is late for the dinner with the rabbit (or hare);
  2. the duck is faints on blasted with 3 stereos by the octopus;
  3. the octopus in turn is put off in the sushi bar by the bear; and,
  4. the chameleon wants to be someplace else at the squirrel’s squeaks.

Another 4 stories storyboard winning love:
  1. the crow having fun with the hippo;
  2. the frog crooning to the crow on a boat;
  3. the horse and the tigress holding hands;
  4. the monkey having a great time at the disco with the elephant.

One is a toss up:
  1. the rabbit and the porpoise having different tastes;
And the last one pokes fun at the Fox TV:
  1. the Fox and TV (get it ?!?) alone and without anyone to love.

BTW is there any connection between the stories and the Aesop’s fables?  I mean there is the hare and the tortoise, the frog and the bird - 2 that immediately come to mind.

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