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Thai Amavasya 2013 tharpanam procedure in Tamil

Tomorrow, Saturday, the 09th February 2013 is the Thai Amavasya (தை அமாவாசை).  In Sanskrit it is called the Makara Maasa Amavasya (மகர மாஸ அமாவாசை).

As has become usual practice here, the Tharpanam procedure for the Thai Amavasya in Tamil is being posted here.  The attached file is a ZIP file which has both a PDF and EPUB format.  The PDF is good for printing on paper.  The EPUB file is good for viewing on smartphones - for smart tharpanam.

update:  This has been superseded by the MS Excel based Sankalpam Generator here.  Use it instead.
Update:  The Maasi maasa Amavasya procedure (11 March 2013) is in this post.
Update:  Panguni Amavasya Tharpanam procedure.

The download links are given after the image.


The ZIP file containing both the PDF and EPUB files of Thai Amavasya Tharpanam procedure in Tamil is ~185 KB.

update:  This has been superseded by the MS Excel based Sankalpam Generator here.  Use it instead.

The main location is my Mediafire account - link here. Please use the Mediafire link, it is faster.
The mirror is as usual, my google site - link here, which is a little slower. (All links outdated, removed Jan 2014)

Please comment if you find it useful.


  1. Dear Friend, thanks for your effort. I have a question to you regarding this SANKALPAM. Is it same also for those who live away from India? Since it comes "baratha varushey, baratha kandey"..... may be a stupid question but still need a explanation please.



  2. @Chandru. I actually don't want to go there, because it is a controversial topic and requires a clarification post on its own. AFAIK there are 3 technical objections and 2 logical/practical objections to using some other sankalpam like krauncha deshe, etc. Now that you've raised the point, perhaps I should write a post on that - but that would bring more brickbats than boquets! ;-)

    Personally, it is for you to decide to say the original sankalpa mantra or else the Americanised, now-so-fashionable sankalpa mantra, if you live outside India.

    As this reply proves, your question isn't stupid at all - au contraire, a very good question.

    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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