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Move over Obama Birthers, It is tme for Skeeters

Oh yes!  The fun is on.  Within 24 hours of the White House releasing a photo of President Obama in a skeet shoot, the critics and the sceptics are on a roll.

Everything about that photo is being questioned, because:
  • the angle of gun is flat (skeet will fly high or low not flat);
  • the President’s watch which shows a white dial (while earlier in the day he sported a black dial watch);
  • it took one week for them to release a photo (why aren’t there stock photos of Obama doing various chores and activities);
  • Obama’s face is hidden behind the goggles and the butt of the gun (too bad he didn’t know the photo would be needed 6 months later);
[Incidentally the photo is dated 4th August, actually one day before the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting on 05 Aug 2012]
  • real gun owners hunt real game (not shoot at clay pigeons);
  • it shows a Japanese sissy gun (the Citori 725 is made by Miroku, Japan for Browning);
  • Obama wears a mom jeans (rednecks presumable wear belly button showing low-waist jeans);
  • his forearms are too pale (what do you say to that?!?);
  • the posture isn’t right (as if we are treated to lefties holding shotguns every day around);
and so on.

As the closest I’ve ever come to a shotgun is as an innocent bystander at a shotgun wedding, it was time to go hunting on the internet about gun postures and all.

Fortunately Browning, who market the Browning Citori 725, the exact model which President Obama shot, have a video extolling the virtues of the gun.

Then it was only a matter of hunter’s patience, keen eye and quick reflex to snap up several screen grabs from the video.

The video shows a right handed shooter, and though postures aren’t exactly a photocopy in reverse for right and left handed shooters, it will do for our purpose.  What we want to see is whether the face of President Obama is hidden in the official photo.

Is it so?  I don’t think so!


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