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CCleaner 3.28 released with speed improvements

The excellent freeware CCleaner from Piriform has a new updated version.  CCleaner 3.28.1913 will be the last in the series 3, soon to be replaced with CCleaner 4.0, versions.

CCleaner 3.28 as it is released now, claims more compatibility with Windows 8.  While I can’t confirm about Windows 8, what can be confirmed is Piriform’s claim of speed improvements and memory usage (on Windows 7).  But to be truthful, the gains are minimal.

On my system, the older versions of CCleaner used to occupy about 7,200 KB of RAM.  The new CCleaner 3.28 sits on about 6,940 KB of memory.

The speed improvement also shows a similar minimal gain.  Less than half-a-second.  But that might be due to the fact that there were less junk files to clean, as the system was tested with various versions of CCleaner less than a week back.

With a system that is filled up more with junk files, perhaps the speed improvements would be larger.


On actually running the CCleaner, of course with Winapp2.ini file (Version: v3.28.130225), the black desktop problem with clearing the Transcoded Wallpaper cache came up once again.  [Mind you, Winapp2.INI clearly warns of the quirk and only disregarding the warning creates this issue].

Only by deleting the hidden ‘slideshow.ini’ file and then fiddling with the various themes could bring back the desktop.  [a simple refresh didn’t work out this time either].

As the following snapshot shows, the desktop is black at 12:49 IST and only by removing and renewing the slideshow.INI and transcoded wallpaper.JPG at 12:54 IST could it be brought back.


Is it worth upgrading?  If you are on Windows 8, sure do.  If you are on Windows 7-, it is your choice.
Personally, I can’t wait for CCleaner 4.0.

Tip1:  Settings on CCleaner are as per earlier article.
Tip2:  Detailed explanation on restoring desktop at another earlier article.

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