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Monkeyshine Nutworks now on Android phones

After mucking around for almost an year, I’ve finally decided to do it.  Churn out an Android application to read monkeyshine nutworks on the go.  It uses the RSS feed output from the Blogger/feedburner to synchronise and present the posts as they are available.  It has been named com.monkeyshines.

Works beautifully on my Android phone.  Here are the screenshots of the application being installed, showing off the recent posts and the link on the Android homescreen.

The com.monkeyshines displaying the posts.


Being installed.


And on the homescreen.


Comodo Mobile Security is happy with it and so am I.  So does my Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread smartphone.

But being the cheapskate that I am, the com.monkeyshines is not yet on the Google Play Store.  I mean who wants to shell out $25 !?!

Instead, as usual it is lodged at my googlesites.  The link is here.  Download, install and always be in touch.
(update:  the link is restored).

The Read Monkeyshine Android App is available on Google Play.  Updated Post here.

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