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From Russia with love To Bruce Almighty!

“I once did that to Gandhi; He didn’t eat for 3 weeks” says Morgan Freeman as God to Jim Carey as Bruce Nolan in Bruce Almighty (STAR movies 20 Jun 2010) in reply to Jim Carey’s “That 7 fingers.  Sort’a freaked me out”. 
Since that dialogue has passed the Indian Censor Board and has not attracted any criticism or protest over the years, I guess that as a nation, we have matured.  Contrast this with the name change that was forced on the Bond film ‘From 007 (Russia) with Love’.  A real improvement, what say! Smug
But if laughing at puns like these are the criteria, what will the Bafana Bafana do, if suppose Freeman had said “I once did that to Mandela; He went into isolation for 3 weeks” Thinking
And what the following 3 baddies will do?
God: “I once did that to Kim Jong il; he was letting off rockets for 3 months”  or
God: “I once did that to Chavez; he was kept smelling sulphur for 3 months” Devil or
God: “I once did that to Ahmadinejad; he was passing gas for 3 months” Praying
What ever else they’ll do, they’d probably arrest or detain me if I venture anywhere near them Worried


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