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Makar Sankaranti Pooja Vidhi in Tamil

Well, I am happy, really, really happy that Krishnan.Vadhyar has recovered from his illness and is ready to contribute to this blog - actually it has been his posts which have immensely contributed to monkeyshines’ popularity.

Thus, the old man is working on putting up the pooja vidhi in Tamil for Makar Sankaranti.  Both of us hope to have it up before/during the weekend.

On my side, since Google seems to have an as yet undisclosed policy of not releasing a Google Doodle for religious events, working on a Moodle, just as it was done for Christmas.

I hope to release both in tandem.  Looking forward to contributions by K.V. too, now that he has, by God’s grace recovered.

As promised the old man has delivered.  To add to the pleasure, I have also uploaded an EPUB file for use on smartphones along with the usual PDF file on the Saturday's article.

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