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Kitten and Puppy play by the front door

A couple of stray puppies have taken refuge in a nearby apartment complex.  They have managed to squeeze in and stay safe under a parked car.  The neighbour to whom the car belongs is wary of taking his car out.  Over the last week or so, the poor guy is hailing auto-rickshaws for moving around - because he didn’t want to hurt the puppies.

Two days back a kitten found its way to the same apartment complex.  After mucking around in the vicinity, yesterday evening the puppies and kitten finally got together.  At first we were afraid the kitten would be mauled by the puppies. 

But it seems the much written about enmity between the dogs and cats is acquired and the puppies and kitten aren’t born with antagonism towards each other.

For more than half an hour, it was fantastic to watch them play.   They were jousting, pushing, and grabbing, all the while regaling us with their antics.

I will tell you one thing.  There is nothing more peaceful, heart-warming or watchable than young animals at play with each other.

My only regret was that I did not carry my camera phone to record them for posterity.  Here are some (low quality) photos snapped by a friend.

kitten_and_puppies_playing (1)

kitten_and_puppies_playing (2)

kitten_and_puppies_playing (3)

kitten_and_puppies_playing (4)

kitten_and_puppies_playing (5)

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