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Views under the News - 12 Dec 2012

The comments are probably the (fictitious, imaginary, unexpressed, tongue-in-cheek) subtext, views and events behind the News Reports, and solely intended to bring a smile to the readers. 

They have no connection to events and characters in real life and No offence or disrespect of any nature is intended - specifically to Indians. 

[Does that mean other nationalities if they feel offended, can go suck their thumbs?].
  • 24 foreign TV channels cannot telecast in India as no ‘permission’ given.
    • - Who needs ITU or WCIT-12?
  • Etihad Airways set to buy Kingfisher stake: Report.
    • - Mauritius, Singapore, Gulf primary channels for “round tripping” of black money back into India: Report.
  • BSNL on life support as Sam Pitroda’s recommendations gather dust.
    • - Did the recommendations take “chai-pani” money into account?
  • BSNL on life support as Sam Pitroda’s recommendations gather dust.
    • - Pull the plug immediately and say 3 Hail Marys.
  • Marriage right after Religious Conversion invalid: Kerala High Court.
    • - Bloody Right!  The Last Rites are not to be given before attempting suicide.
  • BA boss Willie Walsh offers to knee Richard Branson in the groin.
    • - Willie!  You really got to the point - Willie!
  • Cathay Pacific cabin crew threaten ‘no-smile’ industrial action.
    • - Air India flyers say there nothing new with the experience.
  • Path of reform will be followed says Xi Jinping, wins netizens’ approval.
    • - Either you follow us or we allow you to immolate yourselves.


(image courtesy Danziger / NYT)

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