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Saturday Routine for clean, fast PC

The malware carrier PC which we saw last week and which ate up about 3 hours of effort is not an exception, though an exemplary case.   The last couple of years I have seen corporate PCs in a state close to, if not in similar state of infections.

The small business environment is worse and the problem exacerbated by the presence of pirated software, many times the OS itself.  Even otherwise cautious and principled users are known to treat their PCs in a carefree and cavalier fashion - the same PC which they also use for their banking and financial transactions.

No wonder they call India the spam capital of the world.  The problem to my mind is one of perspective and a still fudgy picture on what exactly a computer is all about.

Over the years, I have sensed a feeling that most people see their PC more like a costlier, fancier and entertaining ‘pen’.  Yeah!  That’s right.  Pen!  Since the most conventional utilisation of a PC by a normal user is for writing - emails, word processing or calculation spreadsheet - people think of a PC more like a pen.
In an extension of the pen analogy, they also give as much thought to PC maintenance as they would give a pen - a ballpoint or gel pen (not even a fountain pen, which if you have used, does needs cleaning).  You know, the only maintenance a gel pen needs is a replacement of refills.

OTOH, the small number of people who take care of their PC think of it as a car, bike or bicycle.  To them the PC enables them to virtually travel and connect with others.  And they give as much care as they do on their own bikes or cars, including a weekly wash.

A weekly digital wash is a sensible way to keep a PC free of infection, crapware and junk files, enabling safe, secure, fast and efficient work tool.  In continuation of the sailor’s tradition of Saturday Routine my practice is to run anti-malware and crap cleaning software every Saturday.

But yesterday was, a Saturday spent on sprucing up the home for the upcoming Deepavali on Tuesday.  So the Saturday Routine moved on to Sunday.

For cleaning a PC of malware, crap and junk files and also tune it up, I use Comodo System Utilities, SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes AntiMalware, SpyBot S&D and the Comodo Antivirus (part of Comodo Internet Security) and of course CCleaner and Bleachbit - all freeware.  And my PC for all practical (read blogging, social networking purposes) is clean.  [When I’ve to do any banking or financial transactions, I dual boot into Linux].

Here is a snapshot of the utilities running today.  The anti-malware tools all reported that the PC is clean.  BTW, it takes a couple of hours to scan and that time was spent in making this 3D picture of the programs running - my first effort at 3D picture creation.  It was done with the freeware Paint.NET.


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