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Gmail nails Petraeus nailing Broadwell, does it?

If anyone else has had a bad run of luck over the past month exceeding mine, it must be David Petraeus and Paula Broadwell.

Well that is a broad statement. (not necessarily, and no pun intended).  But The Atlantic reveals what finally unraveled the affair.  Was it Paula Broadwell’s ‘harassing’ emails to another woman who has been identified as Jill Kelley?

Well, it wasn't and it was.

The trigger for the FBI investigation was surely the harassment by Paula Broadwell.  Now why should someone, anyone, who has achieved so much and carrying on an affair with the (now/then) Director of CIA send harassing emails is better left for Paula to explain.

But Paula Broadwell didn’t send emails to Jill Kelley under her own name.  She used what they call a pseudonymous account - a pen name - an assumed identity.  That was what the first leaks suggested.

By itself the emails could not have led the FBI, however good their technology is, to zoom in on Broadwell.

The latest leaks claim it was the so called Gmail footprint / metadata / headers or whatever the geeks wants to call it helped nail David Petraeus.

It is all hogwash.  To my mind, there is no way an email metadata can pin point exactly an individual as the one who sent the email - without other circumstantial evidence (correct me if I am wrong here) - when he/she uses anonymity.

The truth is in details.  And the truth how Gmail actually revealed the Broadwell-Petraeus affair is in tomorrow’s (tonight in India) Telegraph, Australia report revealing Jill Kelley as the other ‘harassed’ woman.

Seems Paula Broadwell ‘gained’ access to Petraeus private Gmail account and used it to send emails - possibly to Jill Kelley.

That is a major boo boo!

A major boo boo by General Petraeus for giving access to Paula and an earth-shaking boo boo by Paula Broadwell for firing from his gun - sorry, Gmail account (absolutely no pun intended).

Seems Greenberg in his 2007 cartoon caricatured the man exactly right - even he couldn't have foreseen Paula in it.

(image courtesy Ventura County Star)

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