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Vijayadasami 2012 Saraswati punar pooja vidhi, procedure in Tamil

Tomorrow, 24th October 2012 is the day of Vijayadasami.  The day Goddess Mahishasura Mardhini is victorious over the evil Mahishasura.  And keeping with the tradition of golu and pooja during the nine days of Navarathri, tomorrow is the day for the punar pooja.

On the occasion of Dasara, the Goddess Saraswati to whom we prayed today will take her rightful place.
So tomorrow is the day of punar pooja.  And for the ease of faithful, we give the Saraswati punar pooja vidhi - procedure in Tamil.  For the first time the whole procedure has been typed out entirely with Google IME - without any contamination with other fonts, like Baraha Tamil.

So on this Vijayadasami day - pray to the Goddess with the Saraswati punar pooja vidhi - procedure in Tamil,

Check out the latest version - free download at:

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