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Views under the News - 06 Sep 2012

The comments are probably the (imaginary, unexpressed) views and events behind these News Reports.
  • Indians' black skin highlights gold jewellery: China 
    • - Wish someone had explained it to Michael Jackson.
  • 66 countries eligible to buy US drones: Pentagon 
    • - Other 100 are pre-programmed as targets.
  • CAG important institution, gives feedback to nation: Minister 
    • - We want it to be impotent, allow us to sell-out the nation: Many Others.
  • Coal Blocks for private firms, CIL sent to Africa 
    • - Misunderstood the ‘Dark Continent’ tag.
  • Faster reforms can push growth to 9%: Adi Godrej 
    • - Do it quick; the Godrej storewel is getting empty.
  • Manmohan Singh a Tragic Figure: Washington Post 
    • - What, can the devil speak true?
(image Macbeth and the Three Witches (1855), Chasseriau / Musee d'Orsay)

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