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ISRO launches India’s 100th mission successfully

Envisaged in a cow shed (apt, wouldn’t you say), the Indian Space Research Organisation successfully launched its 100th rocket mission today, Sunday 09th Sep 2012, at 09:51 IST.

It was on 21 Nov 1963, a tiny rocket, made in USA, was launched from the ISRO’s then launch station at Thumba in Kerala.

In 1975, we launched our first home-made satellite Aryabhatta from a Russian (Soviet) Cosmodrome.  Today, even our IITs and colleges have enough technology and resources to build micro satellites on their own.

In 1981 we built our own Geostationary communication satellite and launched it on the French Ariane launcher - It was aptly called APPLE for Ariane Passenger PayLoad Experiment.

The 230-tonne PSLV, as tall as a 15-storey building, on its 3rd fully-commercial launch, carried to space 2 payloads:
  • a 720-kg SPOT-6 remote sensing satellite from France, and
  • a 15-kg Japanese spacecraft PROITERES,
from SHAR, at Andhra Pradesh, ~110 km due North of Chennai.

Here are the snaps of the launch-


The launch vehicle on the launch pad-


A textbook launch -


(all image grabs from ISRO live webcast)

Update: It is ISRO’s 100th mission and not 100th rocket.  Corrected.

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