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Blessings on Mother’s birthday on Father’s day

Though today is supposed to be Father’s day, it is the day for me to be blessed by my mother.  There are boatloads of people who believe in one ‘Mother’ or another.  It is especially true in India where it appears that any man or woman can pull on the saffron robes and call themselves a saint, seer or prophet.  And people do believe that such men and women are indeed seers, saints, or diviners.  Matter of fact, in India at least, you don’t even need clothes to style yourself a prophet.

Thus it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I can count half a dozen women who are termed ‘Mother’ and are prayed to back home today.  Almost all of them having passed away many years (decades?) back, I doubt huge percentage of their believers have ever seen them - but they do pray to them.

Oh, we have a couple of women in politics, who are called ‘Mother’ by their sycophants, (and another couple who are called ‘sisters’) but that is not for this post.

BTP, today is my mother’s birthday and I did the traditional Hindu practice of a dutiful son - prayed at the nearest temple and brought back the blessings.  Back home from the nearby temple, being that of the Goddess incidentally, gave me an idea.

To take the photo of the prasad and post it on line.  So here the various fruits and flowers comprising the prasad have been arranged to resemble the Goddess - as near as I can make them to be.


Only instead of a gentle, equanimous and a radiant Goddess, the re-construction came out something like the Kolkata Kali.

However, may the blessings of the Goddess shower health, joy and pleasantness to all the mothers of the world.

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