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Google Doodle announces Greek bailout to handful of users

In a first of its kind, Google unveiled a practical use of its recent changes to privacy policy and ability to track users across products, by displaying a specialized Google Doodle to selective bloggers when they logged in today.

For the first time, specially selected bloggers were welcomed with the Google Logo in Greek Alphabets on logging in.  Clicking on which led to the news page announcing that Google plans to bailout the bankrupt Greece, with a massive $100 billion dollar handout.  While, the charity arm of Google does dole out money, this is the first time for such a massive, country level charity.


The German newspaper Der Spiegel reports that the German Chancellor at first couldn’t believe her good fortune.  Quite understandable as Merkel’s position is unenviable, being torn between her desire to help the Greeks out and the dire need to safeguard German economy, while holding the Eurozone together.

It is reported that the Greek PM Lucas Papademos hearing the first ever action by the Tech-giant of this nature, literally fainted.  On recovering he apparently ordered a huge 3 litre bottle of Moët & Chandon Dom Perignon White Gold, which led to many raised eyebrows around, but would still demand the 3rd bailout from Eurozone, which he states is what the Europeans owe Greece.

On being questioned by media for the first time on this, the Indian Finance Minister reportedly denied that India is in talks with Google on funding to cover budget deficit, primarily due to subsidies to poor, which he had admitted causes him sleepless nights.

Manmohan Singh-Pranab Mukherjee
(image courtesy ToI)
Note:  This is a special post by mad.madrasi on 01 Apr 2012.

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