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What is new in Google Chrome 18?

Google has released a new stable version 18.0.1025.142 of its Chrome browser with a lot of improvements and hardened security.  Google claims that Chrome 18 is faster and more stable than its earlier avatars.

On taking it for a spin, Google Chrome 18 does seem a little faster than the earlier ones.  This is not mere parroting whatever the web giants claim, but my own visits (after clearing the cache) to graphics rich and a little sluggish sites like the Washington Post and Gizmodo.  Both sites were quick to load, though had a strange bug with the Washington Post web page.

Google Chrome displayed ‘raw code’ instead of the the expected advertisements on both sides of the ‘nameplate’ or ‘masthead’ on the Washington Post page.  Here is the screenshot.


Apart, Chrome 18 has a lot of security fixes for vulnerabilities discovered in the Pwnium contest in early March and faster and fancies graphics.  Since my PC doesn’t have a graphics (video) card, the benefits of GPU-accelerated Canvas2D cannot be experienced;  but Google claims to be have enabled Swiftshader WebGL implementation which should benefit older PC’s like mine. 

Though ‘Moar’ better graphics []?  Sheesh guys!


BTW I was quick to report the ‘raw code display’ as a bug (Issue 120823) to Google.  My Greedy half grumbles, ‘wonder whether it will earn me some moolah or wrath of the web giant!’

The Latest versions page has also been updated.

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