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A tweak here, a twist there, aggregates 20,000 hits

Someone pointed out by pm that monkeyshine nutworks seems to have slowed down.  No wonder.  With all the graphics, gadgets and whatnot hogging the bandwidth, the page loads a tad slow.

Thus it was time for a little bit of housekeeping.  Though I wanted to retain my mug shot and an image of the fair city of Chennai in the header, I observed that it was the last thing to load, meaning it slowed down the blog.

So removed most of the images, including ones referred to list/directories and replaced them with text links.  The page does seem to load faster.

And the blog is inching towards another milestone - 20,000 page views overall (19100 and counting now). 
2 years back, exactly to the day, I remember informing, reminding, begging people to just peep in here. 
I also remember the days without a single page view and how heavy the heart felt on those days. 
And how joyful it was to see a dozen hits a day (BS!  even half a dozen hits felt good). 

Today when I average about 80 views a day, it feels good.  Time to see whether I can write well and double it in the next 4 months.
From To Period Overall Monthly Ave. in a Day
04-Nov-09 02-Sep-10 10 months 1000 100 -
03-Sep-10 20-Jul-11 10 months+ 10000 900 -
- 06-Aug-11 1 day - - 99
21-Jul-11 27-Nov-11 4 months+ 19100 2200 -
14-Oct-11 1 day - - 188
15-Nov-11 1 day - - 208

Look at that - 208 in a single day.  Can I repeat it before the New Year and reach 25000? Yup!  I am greedy!


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