Heads up Reacher Creatures, the Puller Prowlers are here.

Is David Baldacci’s John Puller modelled on Jack Reacher?  If we look at the characters, there are many similarities.
  • about 6-1/2 feet tall, broad, muscular and tough
  • military brats who have (used to have) an elder brother
  • highly decorated combat soldiers
  • investigators with US Army
  • know their way with weapons
  • capable of killing with bare hands
  • laconic and able to work alone
  • watchful, observant, resourceful and highly intelligent
  • in real life has a following with Reacher Creatures
But there are also differences, unlike Jack Reacher, Baldacci’s John Puller
  • is still with the US Army
  • is not a commissioned officer
  • always carries - not one but 2 guns and a K-Bar knife
  • is proficient with modern technology and computers
  • has an elder brother who is not a lawman but a convict
  • yet to get real life groupies like Puller Prowlers
and most glaringly,
  • has a cat
Jokes apart, Puller can be confused for a ‘reloaded avatar’ of Jack Reacher.  Personally I think we have to enjoy both the characters for what they are - instead of comparing them or getting into a Reacher vs Puller argument.

Speaking for myself, when I recall that Puller has that all-inclusive Rucksack, from which he manages to pull out his uniforms, guns, a mini-crime scene investigation lab, photograph equipment, body armour (two?) and a bio-hazard suit (two?) to boot, I would guess Baldacci modelled Puller not on Reacher but on Predator and its arm contraption.




  1. first time I opened the Puller book and read, got a Reacher vibe.

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  3. I'm on my 3rd Puller book (listening to the audio as I train on my bike), and I've had the racher vibe the whole time. I'm almost expecting Puller to throw away his backpack and get on the next random bus. I think Baldacci is going to marry him off to the General Julie in book 5 or 6. :) Enjoy the escape!

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    2. Think the book #4 No Man's Land is due in Nov 2016. We'll see how it goes. :-)
      As for me, reading right now 'When Eight Bells Toll' (1966) by Alistair MacLean :lol: