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It is a very racy, saucy, ‘race’

I’d been slipped another book by a friend returning from the USA, and I thank the Saint Christopher not only for the safe travel (of the friend), but also for the airport delays for such friends - which force them to buy the latest novels, which they magnanimously slip to me to read (and give back).

Thus this last week, while continuing the care of my mother, I was loaned ‘The Race’ (Amazon), an Ian Isaac Bell (too much of cricket ??!!??) novel (#4 of the Isaac Bell series) by Clive Cussler / Justin Scott.

The story (thankfully) has let go of the obsessive writing on the intricateness of the situation of the characters and instead has concentrated more on an intricate plot.

Earlier Isaac Bell novels, in my opinion, gave too much importance to the situation and the ‘then’ feelings of the characters.  I, for one am not too interested in what a charter feels when faced with an earthquake or speeding on a smoke spewing steam engine or (what I expected in this novel) on an untrustworthy, unstable biplanes or their ilk of the bygone era.

Now don’t get me wrong - as long as the feelings and emotions of the character are in tune and central to the plot and the story, they are all right.  But if one wants to get a feel for rafting and playing hide and seek on the Missouri, he/she should read the ‘Adventures of Tom Sawyer’ instead of expecting Cussler to describe it with Isaac Bell.

For me, The Race is the best of the Isaac Bell series, with the plot carrying various twists and turns.  The characters are well formed, and their interactions with each other are OK.

The Villain, though enumerated at the start, does not seem to be the only one.  Cussler has explored the flaws in all the characters which contribute to the wholeness of the story and its conclusion - just as in real life - which in my opinion is what a storyteller should aim for;  a tinge of romance, escape and adventure while rooted in reality.

the race

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