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Who should be the next TN state Congress Chief?

After the fiasco in the state elections of Tamil Nadu and the Union Territory of Pondicherry or Puduchery, the question today for the principal national ruling party is to decide on the persons who can and will lead the party to recapture the political space it has lost.

The question is best tackled on who should not.  Obviously whoever recommended and supported the current leaders in the 2 states/UT should not have a say -
  • seeing that in my home state of TN, the party has lost pathetically and could manage to get its 5 elected legislators, courtesy of the principal national opposition;
  • in the UT of Puduchery the fact that the man who was ousted from being the Chief Minister, forms a party and storms to power winning 50% of the seats;
talks much loudly than anyone can comment on the nature of the leadership and the people who encouraged this line of action.

Whatever, I am not going to talk about Puduchery (PY), as it is beyond my understanding as of present.  But I can and will express my opinions on the state of the Congress party in TN, my home state, as a concerned citizen, who craves for political alternates from the 2 Dravidian parties - the DMK and ADMK.

Ordinarily, personal wish would be to see a person, who pushes the interest of the Congress party and who has no ‘interests’ to further by being nice to the ruling party (whoever it is) - an ideal choice.  Thus the party cadre would like someone like E.V.K.S. Elangovan to be the next state party chief.
But going by the example set by the last state chief, Mr. Elangovan would not meet the standards.  By the standards set by the actions of Mr. K.V. Thangabalu, like -
  • wrong choice of constituencies for the candidates, maybe unintentionally,
  • fiasco of the candidature of Ms. Haseena and the muck-up in filing the nomination papers of the alternate candidate,
  • incompetence in filing the nomination papers of his own wife for a Chennai constituency,
  • not to talk of other fiascos, like debarring party workers and officials without even a show cause notice
- the next Congress TN state chief should behave like a clown.

And the candidate is there all for to see:
  • a man who shoots his mouth about formation of Telengana and creates a turmoil at home, when he is entrusted with the responsibility to do the opposite, to keep peace at home,
  • a man who hustles to send a list of 50 most wanted to Pakistan, while 2 of them are in India, and one in Jail,
  • a man when he was finance minister was instrumental in bringing Commodity Exchange and thus speculation in food items to India and the violent fluctuation in food prices.
This is the man whose actions are witness to the fact that he can be callous about goodness and wellbeing of the people, push whatever agenda is upmost in his mind, and in a rash manner without doing his ‘Home’ work (pun intended).

Such a buffoon is indeed, needed to be the next TN state Congress party chief.  If not him, at least, one whom he recommends - with the hope that the anointed  can out do Bozo the clown in being a buffoon.

And if so, may the Indian National Congress, Rest In Peace in my home state of TN.

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