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Of mad dogs and commie rats

That the world can ever get rid of mad dogs or thieving rats is widely accepted now, with Bernard Madoff, Galleon and Wall St., scams in the US; Satyam, Housing scams and 2G spectrum scam et. al., back home.
Of mad dogs there seems to be no dearth of them too.

A Sweeney Todd clone yesterday in the US and a case of necrophilia about 2 weeks back in my home state are enough proof of that.

But the title top-dog-of-mad-dogs must surely remain with that abominable Mad Dog of the Middle-East, Muammar Gaddafi.  Though that lunatic is not the first to use Tanks on his own people - that honour still belongs to the Lunatic of the East - Deng Xiaoping and the enlightened People’s Republic of China at the Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989.


That the commie rats have a tendency to send tanks against civilian population is well known - the Hungarian Revolution of 1957 and the Prague Spring of 1968 are proof, if any is needed (and those tanks were Soviet forces against native population).

Thus while the ‘mad dog of the middle east’ Gaddafi tried to divert attention (of whom, I can’t understand) by equating his brutal suppression tactics with that of the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir, he has sent mercenaries, Air Force and Tanks to kill the protestors and take back control.  He has even gone as far as to announce a bounty on opposition leader.

All this has not fazed our own commie rats back home.  These honourable persons have absolutely no shame in still calling for India to standby and ‘let’ Libyans sort out their mess.  It shouldn’t be a surprise since these worthy sons claim to be the ideological descendants of the Soviet and Chinese demagogues who unleashed military against their own people. 

To them, anything that has the letters U and S together are anathema and are to be demonized as US imperialistic design.

That the commie rats gladly accept Western Technology when it comes to their own well being also need not be said.


  1. Well, as you know, for the Desi commies, their souls are with the devil, the hearts are in China and their brains are where the Sun doesn't shine.

    They support the mad dog because their daddies want cheap oil and want him to be propped up. Also, India projecting its Naval abilities is not good for their daddies.

  2. true. if only the Indian Commie-rats become more Indian, instead of looking to Beijing for everything - if Communist Parties of India actually reinvent themselves as CPI-(Jyoti) Basu, instead of being CPI-Marxist, CPI-Marxist-Leninist and the dreaded CPI-Maoist, they would earn more support.


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