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Check your software versions here

One of the most vexing issues to face when called to troubleshoot PC problems is to find outdated and ‘installed for free’ (meaning pirated) software.  Though this blogs lists 12 Security Tools for Windows and 24 Essential Utilities for Windows, it appears that people find it tough to check whether they have the current version. 

So a list of the current versions (of recommended Open/Freeware) Tools and Utilities is attempted in a separate page - Latest Versions.  The aim is to make available an (almost) current list and download links for ease of use.

Some words of caution though:

  • the list might be outdated by a couple of days at any time; 
  • though the aim is to live-update the list, it may not be possible at all times;
  • at present, all I can promise is to (at worst) keep it up-to-date every week;
  • please do read the Licence page - it applies in full.

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