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11 matches to Woe Cup

So, more match(es) played with predicted results.

1. IND vs RSA - RSA won - confounding the chockers tag
2. NZ vs CAN - NZ won - correct prediction
3. AUS vs KEN - AUS won - correct prediction

Now that loss to RSA by IND has thrown open some crazy possibilities
  • - like IND qualifying as no. 3 team in Group B, going ahead to meet SL in Q/F.
  • - given that ENG has to win against WI to move into Q/F, if IND lose to WI,
    • it might be down to run rate to decide whether IND or ENG will take on AUS or SL.
  • - to add to confusion, if BAN pull off another upset against RSA, (given that ENG wins against WI),
    •  it might well come down to run rate whether IND or ENG get into Q/F.

Remember, IND vs ENG match was a tie.

The original post of 09 Mar 2011 contains the Google Spreadsheet
which has been updated to reflect the result(s)

PS: There is some inkling of S/F line up and possible Final teams

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