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Sacrifice of Eight legged baby, who has become a headache

I am certainly not the Prime Minister of India to get out in front of the Press and moan that
  • ‘I am not to be blamed’;
  • ‘I did not know about it’;
  • ‘It was someone else’s jurisdiction’;
  • ‘I had no control over it’
And the like.

Hence, I have to admit that I had noticed that for the last few weeks an inordinate amount of queries, searching for and hitting this blog, had this ‘8 limbed baby’ photo (of the post My Farmer is making me a junkie) as search keywords.
For example, here is the snapshot of the traffic sources and referring URLs for the last month.  The stats show that out of 39 searches for mad.madrasi, which hit, 8 referred to the 8 limbed baby, either by name or photograph URL or post URL - the numbers 3 and 7, marked in the snapshot.


While that point was niggling at the back of my mind, 3 days back, was this BBC report that the European Union has moved to update Child Porn Laws.  The most important recommendation was the action to ‘remove’ such images at source.  While I am neither a citizen or a resident of EU or other Western democracies, my own sense of social morality and responsibility is nothing less.

To be honest, without any further investigation capacity, resources or intent, such a search on a particular term might in fact be innocent and not be of any immoral, anti-social or illegal behavior.  However, I do not wish to allow such doubts on this issue and have removed all the images from the post as of today.  This is also in inline with my own PISS code for Bloggers.  So what If I lose 20% of visitors?

My Mischievous Half murmurs, ‘Move on, Maddie!  It is for a good cause.  Any how it is easier to type mad.madrasi in search box rather than 8 limbed baby; or bookmark mad.madrasi rather than search for an archive’.

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