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Barkha and NDTV fail to impress WSJ too!

It was not only me who was unimpressed with the put on show at NDTV for Ms. Barkha Dutt in the Nira Radia Tapes controversy. 

Today WSJ has an article up which echoes the views expressed on my post of yesterday.  You can read the WSJ article here.

To summarize, my post and the article basically point out that:
  • one editor (Manu Joseph of Open Magazine) got a little emotional/argumentative.
  • other seniors were not given enough time, but they chose to give Barkha a long rope
  • Ms. Sonia Singh didn’t do enough as moderator but seemed partial towards Barkha
  • Barkha tried to turn the show into a question on media ethics
  • contention that only she is being targeted is natural because she is well known
  • No good enough answers
My Mischievous half murmurs, ‘Good show maddie!  Good instincts and you got it in a day early - too bad you don’t have that many readers - right now 74 comments at WSJ vs. 7 page views here’.

BTW if you missed out, you can catch the show here at NDTV site.


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