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Use and Throw hurts, but why should it?

This last week has been one of the most satisfying of my life, helping about 4 people out of their troubles.  Over the week, I worked late hours, keeping aside my blogging and not giving a thought to further polishing up my 1st ever game DIDDLY 2010.  Never did I feel that I was doing something worthless.  Until today!

It hurts when the responses have been
  • not even a thanking note for solving the problem
  • uttering ‘that-you(me)-wasn’t there’ at the right time for celebrations
  • disparaging the brilliance that sorted out the problem, or
  • stating ‘misleading’ information, to prevent me from joining in the celebrations.
Does it hurt?  Yes it does.  How would you feel if you dress up for an occasion in your best suit, but end up at the given address to find that it is a cemetery? (With a Bouquet in hand to boot).

But then for someone brought up in the discipline of Hinduism, the Bhagvad Gita has the answers:
  • What did you bring in (to this world) that was yours?
  • What are you going to take out of this world (that you consider yours)?
  • What have you lost, that which was not yours (in the 1st place)?
Profound thoughts.  I guess I still have to ‘learn’ the meaning and life is full of meanings or at least tries to teach you the essence thereof.  As above, I actually shouldn’t feel any hurt;  But, still it does.

Do I regret any of my actions during the last week?  The answer is a NO. I still think I did a great job, and would without any regret or remorse repeat it again.  I will still continue to help ‘trouble-shoot’ the problems of others, regardless of how they treat me after.

After all, the same Gita does add
  • Yours (karma) is to do work, not expecting (any) returns.
That is something I’ve read, but never understood all these years.  I guess I’ve been ‘expecting’ something, anything in return, for what I’ve done; And that fault is mine and mine alone – I’ve not learned the essence of truth – my feeling of hurt is because I ‘expected’ something in return – a thanks or an invite or other.

When I’ve been sailing, when we’ve been ‘forgotten’ after getting the given task done, the sweetest order to hear is ‘RTB’ – ‘Return to Base’.  Now too the ‘RTB’ has given me the greatest solace – the RTB being ‘Return-To-Blog’.  Thus I return to active blogging after a week.

For all you guys following me, or reading my blog, the madness is back and there is a lot to blog about – no more of them on philosophy!

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