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Mend fences or muddy waters and with whom?

Trust a trouble maker not to stay away from trouble; And if there is no trouble, expect him to make one.  It’s the way the trouble makers survive and succeed, and make their mark.

Thus the terrorist sympathizer and Norwegian Environment and International Development Minister Solheim is heading to Sri Lanka, where for more than a decade, he has been holding the hands of the worst terror organisation in the world, before the advent of Al-Qaeda.  Now that the LTTE is dead and buried in SL, the trouble maker is heading in – to do what I don’t know.

But seeing the way of the devil, we can always expect more trouble.  The LTTE even though militarily destroyed still is reported to have sympathizers all around the world, and any bungling interference by trouble makers would only escalate the simmering discontent.

Thankfully, the Govt of India has acted in a very sensible and responsible manner in the issue, by restating the clear policy of non-interference in internal affairs of a sovereign country during the military action and by repeatedly calling for and consulting with in the matter of rehabilitation of the Sri Lankan Tamils in their former homes.  Now all I can do is keep the fingers crossed that the trouble maker has lost his touch and will come a cropper this time.

My wicked half whispers, ‘One can expect devilry to rise from the hot desert sands, but from the cold arctic?’

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