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One week after Independence, the looting starts

In this land of the Mahatma Gandhi, scarcely one week after the Independence day the last Sunday, the Members of Indian Parliament are dissatisfied with 300% salary hike and demand more.  As it is, the Government has proposed a whopping Rs. 100,000 (USD 2145) per month (not including perks) for each MP.  This in a country where the PER CAPITA income is almost half of that at USD 1125 (IMF 2010 estimate).

Most of the country is subsisting *for the whole year* on half of what an MP will be paid for a single month – and they want more.  Heck of a job MPs.  I only thank God that this man didn’t hold a similar outlook, 63 years back.
There 795 MPs today (545 in Lok Sabha and 250 in Rajya Sabha) and this self same Government & Parliament comprising them, doesn’t mind footing Rs, 37,00,000 per year, per MP, but not One Re. per day to LPG domestic consumers (PDF file).

Calculation by Estimates
Lok Sabha 545 MPs
Rajya Sabha 250 MPs
Est. Exps / year 3,700,000 Rs.
Total Exps. 2,941,500,000 Rs.
LPG consumers 105,632,000 domestic
Subsidy cancelled per LPG 35 Rs.
Expenses 10,137 per day, per MP
Cancelled Subsidy 1 per day, per family
Calculation by Salary Increase
Old Salary per month 16,000 Rs.
New Salary per month 50,000 Rs.
Difference 34,000 Rs.
Subsidy cancelled per LPG 35 Rs.
Difference per day 1,133 per day, per MP
Cancelled Subsidy 1 per day, per family

On top, it seems the MPs are equating themselves with the most senior civil servant.  In today’s India, the fine division between the executive and the legislature is being rubbed out.  We are electing people to represent us who do not understand the Separation of Powers – a group of people who don’t know their own duties and responsibilities is in charge of passing laws.  Heck of a job, India.

Oh!  BTW today is 'Madras Day' -commemorating the establishment day of my hometown - the fair city of Madras that is (now called) Chennai.  Happy Birthday Madras.

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